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Study Skills Resources

Welcome to the TLC learning resources for students. Students face many challenges throughout their academic careers (e.g. time management, test taking, writing papers), and we are here to help. We offer individual appointments with our experienced faculty, for-credit courses, and workshops throughout the year.

Study Skills

time management
lectures and readings
essay writing
theses and dissertations
campus resources

And now we've compiled information and resources available online- any time you need them- to help with questions about learning strategies. We've organized the site by questions you might already be asking. Each question links to tips and further resources, handpicked by our staff to introduce you to our favorite learning strategies.

  • Expectations
    Studying for my classes at the university is so different from when I was in high, and I don’t know what’s expected of me. How do I become a better student?

  • Time Management
    I have so much to do! How do I get everything done?

  • Lectures and Readings
    My classes are really challenging and so different from high school. What are strategies for college learning?

  • Test-taking
    I’ve worked so hard to learn the material, but it doesn’t show. How do I “ace” tests?

  • Essay Writing
    I’ve read the texts, but now I have to write a paper. How do I write a well-formed essay?

  • Theses and Dissertations
    For my program, I have to write a major research paper, thesis, or dissertation. This feels like a big task! How do I get started?

  • Campus Resources
    It’s tough to figure this out on my own. Who can help me?

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