Enhance your skills and habits for academic success.

Spring 2018

TLC 101: Introduction to University Study (partly online)

Explore a wide range of study skills—including reading, time management, and test preparation—while examining issues within higher education. This course has a significant online component. 3 credits.

TLC 199 › Study with Focus

Amid constant distractions, many students have difficulty concentrating. This course helps students develop the focus needed for academic success. Delve into strategies for working efficiently, managing time, motivating self, staying organized, and completing assignments. Meets weeks 2-6. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Studying Science

Practice study strategies specific to the demands of science courses. Learn how to interpret scientific texts, take notes, manage time, use campus resources, and prepare for exams. Science majors and non-majors are welcome; concurrent enrollment in a science course is recommended. 2 credits.

TLC 199 › Money Matters (online)

Gain money-management tools as you complete weekly online modules. Learn how to construct an income and spending log, develop a personal budget, use credit cards wisely, understand your credit report, and set financial goals. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Major Decisions

This course will help you articulate your values and interests, find majors that fit them, and discover purpose and relevance in your studies. Along the way, we’ll learn about the psychology of decision-making, and we’ll consider some of the philosophical implications of the choices we make. Meets weeks 2-8. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Communication Confidence

Increase communication comfort and skills by exploring language, nonverbal cues, and cultural contexts. Topics include class participation, faculty office hours, group work, and other interpersonal communications. Meets weeks 1-5. 1 credit.

TLC 399 › Grammar & Style

Designed to help students polish their writing, this course covers a wide range of techniques for spotting grammar errors and making sentences more clear and engaging. 1 credit.

TLC 399 › Speed Reading

Learn techniques that help boost reading speed, concentration, and comprehension. Meets weeks 1-5. 1 credit.