Enhance your skills and habits for academic success.

Fall 2017

TLC 199 › Tackling Texts

Having trouble getting what you need from your textbooks? Learn strategies for managing your reading load, taking notes, and writing about assigned readings.

Meets weeks 1-3. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Tackling Time

Wondering how to structure your study time for best results? This course is designed to help you set goals, identify priorities, explore learning styles, and manage time.

Meets weeks 4-6. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Tackling Tests

Wishing you had more confidence when it comes to tests? Discover ways to anticipate exam questions, create study guides, form effective study groups, and reduce test anxiety.

Meets weeks 7-10. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Inside Higher Ed

Want to know how a university works and how you can make the most of your time here? In this course we’ll investigate the history of higher education in America and the different philosophies that have shaped the present system. Our aim will be to deepen our understanding of the university so that we might take on more informed, active roles as members of this community.

2 credits.

TLC 199 › Write with Purpose

Arguments work only if they appeal to the values of the audience. Improve the focus and effectiveness of your arguments by learning how to apply this principle to a variety of writing tasks across the university curriculum.

Meets weeks 1-5. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Memory Upgrade

Have you ever begun an exam—only to find all the material you studied suddenly missing? Why does this happen, and what can you do to fix it? In this course we’ll work on how to better store, recall, and use memory to help you do your best.

Meets weeks 1-7. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Money Matters (online)

Gain money-management tools as you complete weekly online modules. Learn how to construct an income and spending log, develop a personal budget, use credit cards wisely, understand your credit report, and set financial goals.

1 credit.

TLC 399 › Transfer Nation

You’ve arrived at the UO—now what? In this course, transfer students will develop practical skills in steering between the murky assumptions and pressures of the university as we navigate the resources, workload, and communities of academia together.

1 credit.

TLC 199 › Introduction to Health Professions

Interested in pursuing a health-related career? The types of health professions are numerous–as are the routes toward them and the ways your undergraduate experience can prime you for success. This course is designed to help you identify potential career aspirations and plan steps to achieve them. Guest speakers, readings, and class discussions allow you to explore a variety of health fields, network with current health professionals, reflect on your interests and values, and learn ways to stand out in a competitive field.

1 credit.

TLC 399 › Speed Reading

Learn techniques that help boost reading speed, concentration, and comprehension.

Meets weeks 1-5. 1 credit.