Enhance your skills and habits for academic success.

Winter 2018

TLC 101: Introduction to University Study (partly online)

Explore a wide range of study skills—including reading, time management, and test preparation—while examining issues within higher education. This course has a significant online component. 3 credits.

TLC 199 › Memory Upgrade

Have you ever begun an exam—only to find all the material you studied suddenly missing? Why does this happen, and what can you do to fix it? In this course we’ll work on how to better store, recall, and use memory to succeed in college and beyond. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Memory Upgrade

Get the most out of your language-learning journey by exploring research-based strategies designed to accelerate your progress, deepen your understanding, and enhance your enjoyment. Meets weeks 1-7. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Tackling Texts

Having trouble getting what you need from your textbooks? Learn strategies for managing your reading load, taking notes, and writing about assigned readings. Meets weeks 1-3. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Tackling Time

Wondering how to structure your study time for best results? This course is designed to help you set goals, identify priorities, explore learning styles, and manage time. Meets weeks 4-6. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Tackling Tests

Wishing you had more confidence when it comes to tests? Discover ways to anticipate exam questions, create study guides, form effective study groups, and reduce test anxiety. Meets weeks 7-9. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Studying Science

Practice study strategies specific to the demands of science courses. Learn how to interpret scientific texts, take notes, manage time, use campus resources, and prepare for exams. Science majors and non-majors are welcome; concurrent enrollment in a science course is recommended. 2 credits.

TLC 199 › Introduction to Health Professions

This course features guest speakers, readings, and class discussions that allow you to explore a variety of health fields, network with current health professionals, reflect on your interests and values, and learn ways to stand out in a competitive field. 1 credit.

TLC 199 › Functions of Algebra / Math 111: College Algebra

This is a two-term version of Math 111. During winter term, TLC 199 covers the first 60% of the Math 111 curriculum. Upon successful completion, students are authorized to sign up for a designated spring-term section of Math 111. Instructor approval required. 1 credit winter, 4 credits spring.

TLC 399 › Speed Reading

Learn techniques that help boost reading speed, concentration, and comprehension. Meets weeks 1-5. 1 credit