Grammar Hour Workshop Series


Want to give your writing a lift?

Mondays, 2:00-2:50pm, 72 PLC

Our free drop-in workshop series tackles common grammar issues to help you streamline your writing process. Attend one or many!

All workshops are free; no registration is required.

Fall 2017 – Weekly Schedule

 Oct 2 › Eliminating Run-On Sentences


Are you unsure of the difference between long sentences and true run-ons? Explore ways to spot and repair both types of run-ons: fused sentences and comma splices.   



Oct 9  › Mastering Tricky Subject-Verb Agreement

We know a student studies and students study, but sometimes making sure a verb matches the number of the subject is less straightforward. Practice revising sentences with some of the nouns, pronouns, and sentence structures associated with the most common subject-verb agreement errors.

Oct 16 › Choosing the Right Verb Tense

Academic writing often calls for a wide range of verb tenses and specific conventions such as the literary present tense. Come learn subtleties of tense and gain proofreading skills to ensure your verb tense choices are consistent and accurate.   

Oct 23 › Understanding Verb Mood

If you have heard someone say, “I wish I was . . .,” you have heard a verb mood error. What is mood, and why are such mistakes so common? Come find out!

Oct 30 › Understanding Pronoun Case

Who did you say was waiting for my friend and me? Or is it whom? My friend and I? Myself? Learn two simple techniques for getting who, whom, and a handful of other tricky pronouns straight.   

Nov 6 › Un-Dangling Modifiers

Common, illogical, and sometimes hilarious, sentences with dangling modifiers are worth your attention. Join us to learn more!

Nov 13 › Creating Varied Sentence Structures

Don’t get stuck in a rut, expressing every idea in the same grammatical form. Learn how to analyze the structure of your own sentences and gain techniques for making your writing more sophisticated and engaging.   

Nov 20 › Proofreading Like a Pro


You don’t need to be a professional editor to know some of the tricks of the proofreading trade. Come practice strategies that will help you spot errors and polish your writing.