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 › Small-Group Tutoring
Available fall, winter and spring terms.

Groups of six or fewer students meet two hours per week, beginning the second week each term. Stop by TLC in 68 PLC as soon as possible to discuss your eligibility with Kim Lilley, TLC Tutor Coordinator. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, and space is limited.

Tutorial support is available this term at these scheduled times and days:

CH 221, 222, 223
PHYS 201, 202, 203

› One-on-One Tutoring
Stop by 68 PLC to request a list.

TLC’s database is a great source for finding a tutor for science courses. Beginning the second week of the term, we’ll provide contact information, then you make the arrangements. Fees range $12-14 per hr. for lower-division and $14-16 per hr. for upper-division courses.

› Individual Meetings

Make an appointment with our Science Learning Specialist – Isis Sroka.
Appointments available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Email or call 541-346-3226.
Learn techniques to:
Prepare Effectively for Exams
Manage Your Time Well
Take Better Notes
Solve Problems Efficiently
Understand Science Texts
Utilize Metacognative Study Strategies
Approach Science Writing
Prepare for Office Hours

› Courses

TLC 199: Introduction to Health Professions
This course features guest speakers, readings, and class discussions that allow you to explore a variety of health fields, network with current health professionals, reflect on your interests and values, and learn ways to stand out in a competitive field. Fall 2017, 1 credit.

TLC 199: Studying Science
Practice study strategies specific to the demands of science courses. Learn how to interpret scientific texts, take notes, manage time, use campus resources, and prepare for exams. Science majors and non-majors are welcome; concurrent enrollment in a science course is recommended. 2 credits. Winter and Spring 2018. Contact Isis Sroka for more info.



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